Humble beginnings. Proud achievements.

Set up in early 2003 as part of the M&C Saatchi Group, M&C Saatchi Kuala Lumpur  began with a staff count of 10 and 2 clients.  We are now an award-winning creative company with more than 120 of the industry’s best talents, connecting specialist expertise across strategic planning, design and multi-channel communications.

Fueled by data and technology, we help our clients Navigate, Create, and Lead Meaningful Change.

Every person, every community, every organisation is shaping or being shaped by change.

We exist to help marketers as they are faced with more complex and urgent challenges.

We Navigate, Create and Lead Meaningful Change.

Change that makes a substantial contribution to commercial growth and leaves a positive impact on the world, because there is no longer a choice between the two.

Our two core principles, Diversity of Thought and Brutal Simplicity of Thought, guide how we solve problems and build integrated specialist teams.

Brutal Simplicity of Thought

It’s easier to complicate than simplify.

Simple ideas enter the brain quickly and stay there longer.

Brutal simplicity of thought therefore, is a painful necessity.

Diversity of Thought

Similar people think similar thoughts.

Diversity of people creates diversity of thought.

Therefore, Diversity of Thought is a creative necessity.



complexity with a deeper, more accurate understanding of people, culture and society.


connections with a wide range of creative and technical capabilities.


value creation by identifying how and where creativity can unlock new value for clients.


We deliver this across specialist divisions with capabilities that stretch across the digital landscape and customer journey. From demand creation , brand strategy, through to multi-channel creative communications : advertising, sponsorship, brand reputation, brand experience, influencer partnership, content creation.

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